Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Weekend & Yummy Potato Recipe!!!

I have been looking forward to this semi annual consignment all year and found some great things to add to Kendall’s spring/summer wardrobe. I was a little disappointed in this sale compared to the fall sale but I also went on restock day last time.
I love this girl’s blog… she seriously has the BEST and EASIEST hairstyle tutorials. I tried her fishtail side ponytail on Saturday. Ha!
I thought this picture was so funny. Kendall (rocking some Christmas pjs) was just sitting on the edge of the couch watch Mickey like a big girl. Love her hands on her knees. She wasn’t into me taking a picture so early! Ha!
Sunday we enjoyed hanging around our yard enjoying the beautiful weather.
We even took a few rides around the property on our 4 wheeler. DSC_0429
We rode as a family across the street to my parent’s property!DSC_0430
Kendall loves picking up dandelions in the yard. When we are outside we stop at everyone and pluck it out of the grass.
New recipe found on pinterest here
Microwave a baked potato until it is soft.
Cut in half and cut it into squares without breaking the skin.
Sprinkle with butter, parmesan cheese and seasoned salt.
Pop it in the broiler for 10-12 minutes and enjoy!!!
These were so yummy! I will probably repeat this recipe again this week because it was sooooo easy!!!

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  1. Your skin always looks so great! Mine is so red and blotchy right now. Love the pony tail!