Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Today I wanted to share a hidden gem with you all. This may be no secret to some of you but it’s something new in my life.

I can be very particular about grocery and non food items I purchase. There are some products I will always buy name brand. Peanut butter (Jif), Cheese (Kraft), ketchup (Heinz) and toilet paper… please don’t ever make the mistake of buying cheap toilet paper.

Other than those few items…. I have Aldi’s.


Aldi is a discount grocery store that carries their own brand of products. From time to time they carry name brand items at a discounted cost. I have visited other discount grocery stores and Aldi’s knocks them out of the park.  Honestly, I don’t even put Aldi in the same category as some of the discount stores I’ve visited.

Aldi’s has the best brands and they are 100% quality. Some of their products look exactly like name brand products and taste so close it makes you question if it’s not really the name brand in disguise.

I mean seriously… could this not look anymore like Fruit Loops? They have a bird and everything.


I am also very impressed with the amount of food you get. We love some Cheetos in this house and every time we open a new bag it’s only half full. This Aldi brand of “cheetos” is 100% filled to the top for $0.99!!!


Aldi’s prices are excellent. At Kroger a bag of Ore Ida frozen french fries is anywhere from $2.59 - $3.89 a bag and their store brand usually runs $2.19.. Aldi’s price was $1.89


The only other discount grocery store I can compare Aldi’s too would be Save-a-lot. I went there one time because it was close to our old house and never went back. There products looked cheap and I wouldn’t dare buy meat from their meat department.

Aldi’s has a great selection of meat and poultry. They carry a brand throughout the store called “Fit & Active” and I purchased this brands’ ground beef last week and it was amazing. There was hardly any fat when I cooked it!

Here were my selections from today. That little filet wrapped in bacon is amazing and was only $1.89 a piece. Those usually run 3/$10 at Kroger if they are on sale. DSC_0357

My box of goodies :)

DSC_0353 (2)

I’m not really sure if there are Aldi stores everywhere in the country or if it’s a southern thing. I know that the concept of an Aldi store is European because everything is sitting in boxes. There are no pricey shelves or displays. Just pure, great products.

Here is their website link. And no I am not getting paid to brag about Aldi. I would happily accept compensation if someone from Aldi’s happens to read this post. :)

**** Next time I go to Aldi’s I will walk you through the experience. They have a neat way of distributing shopping carts, food presentation and bagging your groceries.****

Have you ever shopped at ALDI?


  1. Love Aldi!! Their ranch dressing & syrup is the best hands down!!

  2. I need to try this! Another friend of ours says she always shops there and loves it.... but somehow we always end up at Meijer. Maybe its time for a change??