Monday, April 23, 2012

Fevers, Fifty Shades and Fireworks!

Friday morning Kendall woke up with a HIGH fever. Poor baby hasn't been able to kick her ear infection the last few weeks. My mom graciously took Kendall to the doctor for us and they gave her a rosephin shot. It seemed to do the trick because Saturday she was great! I pray this was our last ear infection because if not, an ENT visit may be in our future.

In between playing with Kendall, a hair appointment and minimal household chores I managed to read books 2 & 3 of the Fifty Shades trilogy. OMG I'm anxious to read it again... Except this time I will go slower so I can take all the hotness in! I told Chris if Christian Grey were real I might leave him. He doesn't seem to care because the effects of me reading this book have been well in his favor. ;)

This weekend kicked off the start of the Kentucky Derby festival. It all starts with a fireworks show... Which we didn't attend. I just needed another F word for the title of this post. Ha!

I leave you with this... My princess trying on flower girl dresses!

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  1. Oh girl you and those books! I just don't think I could do them! I love Ms. Kendall in her flower girl dress!! Too cute

  2. Great books aren't they? I think I read all three in a week and a half and I started book one again and hopefully, like you said, read it a little slower!