Wednesday, May 16, 2012

18 Months Old!


Today you are 18 months old. I sound like a broken record saying how fast you have grown… but it really has flown by. I love the stage you are at now. You are so receptive and eager to try/learn new things. Everyday you are learning new words and your personality is changing so much.

You are enjoying “school” so much! I can tell a difference in your shyness. We went to a bridal shower last week and it was like I brought a whole different Kendall. You no longer clutch to me, but you want to explore your world!

You’re so busy these days. Sun up to sun down you are into something. Whether it’s learning that you can climb on the TV stand in your playroom or dragging all kinds of toys around the house. DSC_0554

Stats: 26 pounds and 35 inches!!

You still wear a size 4 diaper and 18mos./24/mos./2T clothes. I bumped you up to a size 6 shoe.

You may not care for your plethora of baby dolls but you sure like to dress up. Your favorite thing is to try on different pairs of your shoes and jackets. The other day when I picked you up from daycare they informed me that you wore your jacket all day long! You’re such a fashionista!

Food is still an issue. You’re in control here. Ha! You love all the bad things. You eat great at daycare and with daddy but are uber picky with mommy!

You LOVE to sing and dance. When music is playing you smile and start dancing.

You give us kisses all day long and say “Muah!”

You can say so many words and sound out little phrases like “Here it is” and “I don’t know”.


I grow more proud of you each and every day. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world and thank God everyday that he gave you to me. I love you so much!

Love Mommy

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