Thursday, May 31, 2012

BFFs, Black eye and Little Swimming Diva

This picture was taken Saturday night before the 3 of us went out to dinner. Chris worked all day in the yard and garage and we played on the porch in the shade in Kendall's baby pool. Hence all the crap on our porch in the background.
It makes me so happy seeing her hug up to me and smile. We are BFFs!

Kendall got her first black eye on Memorial Day. It was awful and my fault. Princess likes to climb up our headboard and I went to pull her off before she got too high and she lost her grip in the process and fell right into it. She screamed for a few minutes and then was fine. I on the otherhand was freaking out. I asked Chris if we needed to get her checked out and made my mom come over. Grandma brought ice packs! I hate that this happened!

Later in the evening we went to my inlaws for a swim. Check out this little Diva!

This week is our last week of swim class and I'm really going to miss it. I won't miss rushing home every Tues/Thurs to get ready to go to the YMCA and show the world my white thighs but... I will miss seeing Kendall's excitement for swim class. Oh and she is SWIMMING all by herself now! She can swim across the pool like she's been doing it her whole life without clutching to mommy!
Love it!


  1. awe so fun!!! Poor little girl! Must be the name my Kendall is a daredevil too!We have LOVED swim lesson!! You need to take Kendall to All About Kids if you are ever off during the week. They do a toddler hour in the gym and she would love it!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a diva! She is so cute!

  3. LOVE the picture of you and K. You should frame it!