Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kendall’s First Arcade Trip

Friday night we went to dinner as a family to our local pizza buffet place. We promised Kendall we would play in the arcade after she ate. I even packed socks in case she wanted to go in the bouncy house.

She wanted NOTHING to do with the bouncy house but she enjoyed some of the other activities.

You can’t tell here but she was dancing to the Richard Scary ride.AprilMay2012IphonePictures 155

Chris and I wanted to win tickets for Kendall so we played skee-ball and the basketball hoops game. All for Kendall, right? HA! Kendall had fun handing us the balls while we relived our childhoods.

We walked away with some tootsie rolls and a pink bracelet on Kendall’s wrist. :)

Chris said that we just paid $5 in tokens for a bracelet… I would’ve paid $10!

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