Sunday, May 6, 2012

Play date with the Sego’s

One of the saddest parts about moving out of our first home was leaving one of my best friends Heather and her family! I miss our nightly walks around the neighborhood and being able to have a play date in a moments notice!

I took this picture at 6:30 am in the morning. Kendall is a happy little morning person and I just thought she looked so cute sitting on the couch watching cartoons.DSC_0545

Heather, Weston and Emmakate came over around 5:30 and stayed for almost 3 hours. It was so fun watching the kiddos play and catching up with Heather.

Weston is so sweet and he is very mobile these days. DSC_0548

Emmakate and Kendall have always been complete opposites. EK is usually not shy and is more talkative while Kendall usually clings to me and is more timid. Not these days! I didn’t even recognize this shy little EK! I let her use Kendall’s “minni-mop” cup!DSC_0550

Of course I didn’t take pictures until they were about to leave. Kendall was hungry but she enjoyed having her friends come over to play!!DSC_0551

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