Saturday, May 26, 2012

Turtles, Babies and Horses

Last Friday was Chris’s last day of school so he brought home his class pets. They are sitting in my kitchen. He has two turtles in one tank and a fish in the other. Kendall visits them no less than twenty times a day to look and talk to them.AprilMay2012IphonePictures 136

I was convinced Kendall was not a baby doll kind of girl. Well she has proved me wrong – Girlfriend is all about her baby these days!AprilMay2012IphonePictures 137 AprilMay2012IphonePictures 140

Testing her new sunbathing chair in the middle of Walmart! Ha!AprilMay2012IphonePictures 142

Last weekend we went to a family friends’ birthday party. They have horses and cows and Kendall was in LOVE!AprilMay2012IphonePictures 144 AprilMay2012IphonePictures 147

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