Friday, June 8, 2012

Chicago Bound

This evening after work I am headed to Chicago!! Which is why I’m writing a blog post at 5:30 am, 30 minutes before my alarm clock goes off.

While I’m excited to be getting away for the weekend with friends to have a good time, I can’t help but miss Chris and Kendall already. I know it will go by fast and I truly deserve this time to myself. I won’t even be gone 48 hours but I’m a mom and this is the first time I’ve really ever left Kendall.

My cousin law Tara (Caleb’s mommy) and I are flying out around 8 and getting to Chicago at 8. Thank goodness they are an hour behind because these mommies are going to have a long day! We have plans to go out tonight and I’m sure Saturday will be a day of fun too. We are meeting my cousin Liz, my friend Tommy and his boyfriend Daniel. It’s a fun crew!

Chicago is one of my most favorite cities. I’ve been 3 times and this will be my fourth. I fell in love with Chicago when I shopped on State Street and Michigan Avenue during the holiday season. My favorite trip to Chicago was back in March 2006. This was a month pre Chris (lol) and I had just transferred to UofL from NKU that fall so I missed Liz terribly. We decided since our schools had the same spring break we would do something fun. So we booked a 4 day shopping extravaganza in Chicago.

Fun times! We look so young!

I’m excited for this weekend! It will be nice not changing diapers and cooking dinner. However, I will be thinking about Chris and Kendall the whole time away!


  1. How fun! .Chicago is a fun city .. and visiting with your bffs?! Amazing! Enjoy your Mommy free weekend because you deserve it!

  2. Oh I love Chicago!! I understand the mommy guilt but you (talking to myself here) have to rip that bandaid off! I'll be in your shoes someday soon. Have fun!!