Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hand, Foot and Mouth and 20 months

Sunday night we attended Chris’s baseball banquet and Kendall was in a strange mood. That evening NONE of us got any sleep. Kendall wasn’t running a fever and didn’t act sick. She acted uncomfortable.

Monday morning when she woke up she was fine. At 4pm the daycare called and said Kendall had bumps on her so I left work early to go check her out. I had a feeling she had HFAM but wanted to get her checked out by her pediatrician.

Sure enough she was a textbook case! The Dr said she was most likely over the contagious part of the virus and to just manage her discomfort.

Today is Thursday and most of the bumps are gone and she is acting great!


~ * ~

Kendall is 20 months old today!!! I cannot believe she is almost 2! Where did the time go? She is growing up way too fast!


It amazes me how smart Kendall is and she is just a little sponge capturing everything we say and do. We have conversations and she follows commands. DSC_0786 

Kendall has the happiest personality. She loves making people smile. She has all kinds of moods and has become quite the girly girl.DSC_0788

Kendall is really into bubbles, baby dolls and accessories. She loves playing with her “Oh-No” books, her animal poster and Minnie Mouse.DSC_0789

She has all kinds of words. Ma-ma, Da-da, Grandpa, Grandma, Manda, Wilson (sounds like fi-fi), snack, okay, no, yes, hello, bye-bye, i don’t know, there it is, where’d it go, i get AND THE LIST GOES ON…. this child can TALK!DSC_0791

Weighing in at 25 pounds, roughly 35 inches tall, size 4 diaper and 24 months clothes… she can run, jump and dance until the sun goes down!

My little mini me :)DSC_0794

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