Monday, June 4, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame!

Sunday we had a family outing to our local minor league baseball game. The Louisville Riverbats! My father in law’s company hosted a day for all their employees and it was so nice. We had free tickets, great seats and they even gave us gift certificates to spend at the park.

It was a beautiful day to go and Kendall was very excited! Everything was great until my flip flop broke. OMG. There is nothing worse than not having appropriate footwear at a ball park. And remember I have a toddler who likes to run.


I b**ched and complained and made the most of it… my husband can vouch for that. Ha!

They have a carousel at the park so I rode it with Kendall. She was hesitant at first but really enjoyed the ride!


Chris took a video on my phone. ha! Blink and you’ll miss us!

On our way out we had to get a picture of the baseball coach himself with his #1 fan on a giant baseball glove!


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  1. What a fun family outing! I cannot believe your flip flop broke ... What a crappy situation!