Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tubes Success!

Kendall’s ear tubes procedure went great! The hospital and staff were wonderful and I’m really glad we chose to have it done there.

Kendall got a little fussy when they were taking her vitals. Mommy shed some tears too. They gave her a drug to relax her and that helped a lot. She went with the nurse for surgery with no problem.

I shed a few tears, used the restroom and the doctor was back in the room telling us she did great. Seriously it took no more than 10 minutes for the procedure.

It broke my heart when we got back to recovery to see her. She was sitting up on the bed with her nurse holding her. She was so uncomfortable and sleepy. We were able to take her home soon after that.

She slept on the way home and all three of us took a 2.5 hour nap. Kendall woke up at noon feeling great and ready for lunch. I continued to give her Tylenol because she kept fooling with her ears.

Today she went back to daycare and had a great day. I’m so grateful everything went well and so happy this behind us. Hopefully this means no more ear infections for my princess!


  1. So glad to hear K's procedure was a success! Fingers crossed for zero ear infections in her future. :)

  2. So glad it went well and I hope it works wonders. I'd be a mess, too, having to watch either of my babies go through that! I'm glad you survived the day, too!