Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book Review, Consignment Sale and Classes

Since my life is about to get a whole lot busier come August 27th, I have been trying to maximize my current free time by reading and getting things done.

I have a few books I want to read before I start reading for school. One book involves my first book club meeting which I am SO excited about! It will be hard to squeeze in reading for pleasure then I’m sure!

Bluegrass State of Mind (Bluegrass Series)

I finished Kathleen Brook’s Bluegrass State of Mind this week. It’s a quirky little suspense/romance set in good ‘ole Kentucky! You should read this if you want something fun to read. The author has written two more in this series (and a spinoff) I may read because I really liked the characters and would like to see their stories develop more.


Last fall I discovered the Little Treasures Clothing Sale. For $85 I purchased Kendall’s fall/winter wardrobe. I attended the spring/summer sale as well and didn’t have as much luck. Most likely because I waited several days after the sale opened to shop.

This year I signed up to be a consignor. I will make 70% of my sales and will be able to shop early. I’m super excited. There are strict restrictions on how items are to be labeled and turned in so I want to start working on this asap! I plan on rummaging through all my baby clothes totes this week and preparing items for the sale.

My classes for the Fall semester are …

Term I

The Modern Elementary School & Reading and Writing Foundations

Term II

Issues/Trends in Special Education & Methods/Materials for Social Studies

I’m really excited about starting this journey and can’t believe I will be 1/3 done by December!!!

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  1. I read the Bluegrass Series in June and loved all three! It was a fun read and I especially enjoyed all of the Kentucky connections. So fun!

    I am excited for you to begin your classes. You are going to be such a great teacher! Good luck!