Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Pinterest Fail

If you’re like me (and thousands of others), you post all kinds of great Do It Yourself (DIY) projects on Pinterest to attempt. I mean how hard can it be to take 100 toilet paper rolls and make a work of art, right?

The walls of our home are sad and bare. I don’t want to pay store prices for wall art (unless I 100% love it of course) so I hit up a Habitat Restore and a vintage thrift shop close to my work during my lunch hour last week.

I found this frame and fell in love. Obviously, I wasn’t crazy about the weird map in the middle, but I loved the unique wood frame around it.


My mind started working and I thought this piece would work great in our master half bath. It’s a small and boring space. It needs a light and I’d like to find a little shelf to go above the toilet.


I had plans to paint the entire frame white, paint some grey chevron stripes in the middle and then slap a big white R in the center.


So I painted a coat yesterday and then Chris sprayed a coat for me last night.

It honestly didn’t look that bad this morning except for a few spots that I felt needed to be retouched.

So during nap time I went outside to spray another coat. BIG MISTAKE. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden some of the dried paint started cracking.  DSC_0934

I had a feeling this would happen. I took the lazy approach to this problem and it back fired. I’m assuming I should’ve sanded this bad boy down before I attempted to paint. I didn’t want to have to sand all the cracks on the frame. Well the oils of the original stain are not getting a long with the spray paint.

So… here is my project. Ugh.


I’m hoping Chris will come home and work a miracle on this one. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Maybe if you had used primer? I always hear everyone talk about primer then paint. I forget how I got to your page but love the blog!