Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crazy Sleeper & Consignment Sale Finds

Before I forget, I wanted to document how I have been finding my child in her bed at night.

Exhibit A:


The first time this happened my heart dropped! I always check on her before I go to bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night and when I looked in her room I didn’t see her at first. I thought she had got out of the crib or was stolen!

I always try to rearrange her or she does on her own. This can’t be comfortable!


This year I participated in my favorite consignment sale. Tuesday, my friend Tara and I decided to take off work and go to the Consignor pre sale. My friend Sara and baby Jack joined us too.

People… a consignment presale is not for the weak. These women LINE UP two hours prior and you might as well plan on spending two hours waiting to check out. I got there at 10:30 to snag a parking spot. The doors opened at 12 and we did not leave until 4 PM! We were exhausted!

However, I will do it AGAIN in the spring. I found some great deals and got first pick. I only need to add a few more items and then Kendall’s fall/winter wardrobe will be complete.


Kendall looking at all her new clothes! ALL of that was $112!

If you live in the Louisville area you should check out the Little Treasures Consignment sale. You will not be disappointed! And if you live somewhere else you should find a consignment sale in your area.

Every day they post the sales and I have already made more than the $112 I spent on these clothes.

Have you ever consigned at a big sale like this? Do you buy secondhand?


  1. LOVE your new blog design!! I am glad you found lots of steals! I find the older Kendall gets the less I find at Little Treasures but I also don't have the patience for glad you do it!!

  2. Wow, you have done well then! I too will go back in the spring but with no baby this time! I think I might sell to get in there early. I tried on Jack's halloween costume (so freaking cute!), bottoms and coats. It's still fun dressing a boy!