Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey Girl! Kendall at 21 Months

I need to stop and write down everything Kendall is doing these days. Girlfriend is so smart and every day I am AMAZED by her growing vocabulary. I want to remember these little memories always!!DSC_0943

  • Funny fact: Kendall refers to Chris and I as “mama” and “daddy”, however, she also knows our names are “Shellshee” and “Chris”. Ha! It all started when I was yelling “Chris across the street/house and she started yelling it too. So now she will yell “Chris!”
  • To get our attention sometimes Kendall will scream. This is not a good habit. It’s like a game to her. It all started during diaper changes. If I’m not talking to her/making eye contact with her and she wants me too, she will scream. She’s started this at the grocery last night. I’m standing there, looking at Pillsbury cans, and she started spontaneously screaming.
  • Last night Kendall and I went to the grocery. Kendall LOVES the deli lady who works Saturday nights. Seriously, we might give her a Christmas card. She always gives Kendall a sample of turkey to eat while we shop.
  • When we got home from the grocery I got Kendall out of the car and handed her a small bag of groceries and instructed her to go to the porch and knock on the door to get daddy. And SHE DID! Ha! She was standing at the front door knocking away!DSC_0949       
  • This morning she kept asking “Where’s Weesee?” (WeeSee = Wilson our dog) and I was not really paying attention because I was making pancakes. Finally she comes closer to me in the kitchen and says, “ Mama, where’s WEESEE?” LOL that got my attention!
  • Kendall loves giving Weesee (Wilson) treats, every once in awhile she will taste test them… gross!
  • Lately, she has started mocking things we say to Wilson. “No! Get down! STOP!” I hope my child grows up an animal lover. Woops.DSC_0944
  • Kendall is fascinated with the $1 Target set of flashcards. She follows us around the house with them and asks, “what is it?” She can identify several of them too.
  • Kendall is such a great helper these days. I was rearranging our living room furniture one evening and I let her “help” me pull the living room rug. She kept saying, “I help!”
  • She enjoys helping with the laundry, loading/unloading the diswasher, cleaning and making dinner


  • Kendall loves throwing things in the garbage. After we change her diaper we will give her the diaper to toss in the trash! Ha!
  • Potty training is semi going. We have a potty and she has used it a handful of times, we are working on her understanding the logistics of the process at this point. Ha!
  • She doesn’t like being dirty and she is such a big girl about washing her hands and face when asked. She is a great tooth brusher too!
  • Yesterday I told her to stand by Wilson so I could get their picture. This is the best we could do!DSC_0955
  • Kendall is into all things girly. Her love for shoes is no joke! She loves wearing them and gets so excited when its time to put them on.
  • Kendall is BIG into baby dolls at the moment too. She always has one in her play crib or stroller and even covers them with blankets. So smart!
  • I took these pictures of some of her toys. I love how she lines up in her shopping carts in the same place every day and you got to love a Naked Ken doll in a baby carrier.
  •  photo (7) photo (6) 
  • In addition to her baby doll fascination she loves all things Little Einstein and Minnie Mouse! She pointed out Elmo (which we’ve never watched) on a Pampers Box and a SpongeBob at the store, so I guess she plays with that stuff at school. It’s so funny to me because those are new things I’ve learned about her school life. (I hope the spongebob doesn’t stick – I don’t like that one!) DSC_0945
  • Kendall is OBSESSED with pointing out airplanes. Or “ampanes” as she refers to them. Girlfriend can point them out from her car seat. We have the UPS hub in our city so we usually see quite a few on a given week night. Here she is pointing one out.DSC_0956Ampane!

“Where it go?”


Please note that my child has mulch in her hands. She apparently is into dirt now too. Ha!

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