Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kendall’s Art Work

I can remember my mom keeping pictures and coloring pages from our childhood and thinking it was no big deal. Now I get it. I CANNOT bring myself to throw away things that my wonderful, little Artist created.

I decided to keep them all in a tidy little binder.


To the right is her daily day care report card. NO, I have not kept every single one. I’ve thought about it, but decided a few funny ones here and there will do. Besides, she won’t get them anymore when she’s 2. Ok, now I’m crying. :(


Father’s day card to the right.


Look at those handprints. I’m tempted to get the pink one blown up and hang it in my living room. Do you see her use of color??? Brilliant, I tell you!


At this rate, by the time of her high school graduation, I will have a library full of her art anthologies. Ha! She may never care that I kept EVERYTHING, but it will always be special for her momma!

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