Monday, September 17, 2012

Almost 30 days!

I've been doing the 30 Day Shred on and off since 8/20. I had initally started it wanting to do it every day but quickly realized that I didn't want to just do a workout for 30 days. I want to start a routine of working out on a regular basis and make it be a routine I can live with. For me that means working our 4-5 times a week. So that it what I have been doing.
I am starting to see some definition in my body which really motivates me. I have lost a total of 8.5 inches in my arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs. That motivates me too.

The scale... I'm not seeing a lot of movement there. I know I am gaining muscle and I have lost 3 pounds so that is better than 0.

In the scale's defense... I haven't been doing great with my diet. I stopped tracking last week and need to get better about that. I have skipped meals and then ate bigger, fattening meals to make up for it. And until this morning when I weighed and worked out, I hadn't worked out since Thursday morning.

So I need to step it up if I want to get those other 23 pounds off before my 27th birthday (December 22).
Here's what I'm planning to do...

  • Drink MORE water... I need to drink more water. I have been only drinking a glass or two at work and then it's not until bedtime that I realize I want some more water.
  • More cardio. I plan on keeping up with the Shred 4-5 times a week. I love the workout and I can really see it working. It's quick and something I can do in the mornings. BUT I think I need a little more so I downloaded the Get Running app (C25K) on my phone last night. It's 3 days a week so I can do this and the Shred.
  • Eat better. I need to stay focused and not just eat what's in my calories, but what is good for me.

How are your weight loss goals going? Have you done the C25K?


  1. I have to really UP my water intake as well. I slake on that. Ugh... I need to lose 15 lbs by Christmas. Some of my goals include eating smaller portions at meals and eating more often - instead of 3 whopper of a meals. LOL I have never done the c25k (don't even know what it is) but I have my half marathon on the 7th of October.

  2. I hate scales :) I did the C25K last year and it is what started me running. I was in horrible shape but kept working at it. I did my first 5K in November last year and now I run 3 miles, 4-5 times a week. I'm working on a 10K by next spring. Go for it can do it!

  3. Shelli... That is exactly how I was... The inches were going away, but the scale wasn't budging. Stick with it, push yourself, drink lots of water... and these last remaining days, eat clean.

    You'll love your results! :)

  4. You've got this!! I swear that measuring inches makes me feel so much better than the scale. I hate scales!

  5. I've tried and failed multiple times to complete the C25K. I'm usually a structured DVD workout girl BUT I've been running a mile (not much but a start) in the a.m. every couple of days and I love it! It's quiet, the weather is great, its the perfect wake up, and that's my workout for the day so it's over and not hanging over my head. It's helps that it keeps Jack occupied and I can do while he's awake. He goes down for a nap shortly after we're home and I'm sipping coffee.

    *I wish I could get rid of my scale but I still lean on it too much. Keep going! You are doing great!