Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dining Room Makeover


Okay… so last December we purchased and started renovating our foreclosure home. You can read about that here. We have come a long way, but there is still lots to do.

In an effort to actually get things done  and since I will no longer be able to say “we just moved in” , I’ve decided to complete one room at a time. So I’ve been playing curtain musical chairs and mixing things up. My first room of attack is our dining room.

We recently inherited a FREE dining set from my parentals. Awesome.

Dining Room Now



A. Clearly we need a light. I’m sure our current light situation is not up to code. I didn’t want to put that old outdated boob lights back up so instead we have this eye sore. Ha.

B. The curtains need to be lowered. When we moved in I had 96 inch curtains but I switched them out. The husband wants to make sure I’m committed before he puts more holes in the wall. Lame.

C. Temporary art. The husband hung it too high. I’m waiting for something better.

D. Plaid.


Here is my to do list.

1. Recover chairs

2. Husband lower curtains.

3. Get a light.

4. Maybe get some new wall decor. Maybe.



  1. I can't wait to see the room when you're done remodeling! Sounds like you've got it all figured out. Hobby Lobby has AWESOME sales on Wall Art. It's a personal favorite!

  2. What kind of windows are hiding behind those curtains?? I'm a fan of pops of color in curtains especially with a neutral wall color. If you are leaving the walls up (you could open one to open the room) then maybe a big mirror on one wall? Reflects light and makes spaces bigger. A nice big light fixture over that table! Oh and a rug!
    Check out katie Bowers dining room. It's a bit bigger but great use of space. http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2011/09/dining-room-differences/

  3. I would be curious how you do the chairs if you DIY, I am looking to do mine too!

  4. A light will make all the difference... I bet you could get a nice one at Lowe's for $40.

    And I love that set... My friend as a similar one and painted her black... looks sharp1