Monday, September 3, 2012

Farmer’s Market, Girl Cars and Football

There is a little farmer’s market held at a local high school close to our home every Saturday. I have always wanted to go and now that we’ve been, it might become a Saturday morning ritual.


They had a great selection of produce and I love that we helped out local farmers. I even scored some cookies! I wanted to pass on them but it was for a good cause! Ha!

Maybe it’s all the gender communication/sociology classes I took in college or the fact that Kendall’s toys are 99% pink, but for whatever reason I insisted on buying Kendall a few hot wheels during our grocery shopping trip.


Of course I picked out the two most girly cars, and for $0.79 a pop, who could pass these ups! All you ladies know you played with your brothers’ hot wheels!

Sunday was the UK/UofL game. If you’re not from these parts let me explain, Kentucky and Louisville are huge rivals. Chris and I happen to support different teams (Go Cards!) and Chris is very adamant about raising our daughter as a UK fan.

So here she is in all her cheerleader glory! She makes this outfit cute, even if she has a toy spatula hanging out of her mouth! Ha!

DSC_1177 DSC_1178

It’s too bad the wildcats couldn’t pull off a win!

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