Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
... I quit my job. More details on that later this week!
... I'm convinced I'm screwing up my child. I'm worried about not brushing her teeth enough. I'm worried I don't work with her vocabulary enough. I'm worried that girlfriend won't touch vegetables unless they are in a gerber container. It's tough raising a human!
...the scale was higher today than yesterday. I only had 1200 calories and did the 30 Day Shred... why am I not shrinking? Wahhhhh
...with that being said I am going to get a large Half Cut tea from McDonal's on my lunch break. Don't even try to stop me!
...I'm totally slacking in the party planning for Kendall's 2nd birthday. How is she already 2? I have some great ideas but I may forego all the craftiness and homecake-ness than ensued last year.

... I'm over summer and heat. Bring on sweaters and jeans tucked in my boots and candy corn snack mix and fall festivals and everything else than is FALL awesomeness!


  1. What?!?! You quit you're job...good for you! Looking forward to details Saturday.

    Ever since I saw the Rally's burger with FRIES on it, I've been wanting one. Reminds me of bologna sandwiches with diorites!

  2. P.s. I feel my "rally's" comment was random. It was in ode to your MCD tea comment. haha.

    SO WHAT if I want rally's every now and then! ;)

  3. I wanna know about quitting your job!! Tell me about it!!!