Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So WHAT! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I didn't do the shred this morning. I'm sore from Monday's first Level 3 and my first C25K run.
  • Like really sore...

  • my child acted like the devil's child at Hancock's fabrics last night. Upholestry fabric was 50% off, get over it Kendall. ;)
  • if I changed Kendall's diaper in the back of my SUV in Hancock's parking lot - do what you got to do, right?
  • I have like 5 home projects I'd like completed by Kendall's 2nd birthday on October 13.
  • my breakfast consisted of a small coke and hashbrown from McDonalds. Yum!
  • I printed out my fall tv schedule spread sheet today so I can verify that BOTH of my dvrs are set up correctly
  • I can't afford for them not to be right. I don't EVER get to watch tv when shows are actually on.
Go link up with SHANNON at LIfe after I Dew for So WHAT! Wednesday!
And fon't forget about my TV LINK UP tomorrow! TV obsessed people unite!


  1. lol, I need to make a tv watch spreadsheet. What an amazing idea, why did I not think of this. I heart you.

  2. Cant wait for the TV link its going to be legend----wait fori ittttt---- DARY!