Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Randoms


Friday Night we hit up my labor hood town’s fall festival. It was interesting… but they had an auction, fried food and we were in good company. Kendall especially loved the native American tribute. Girlfriend was dancing away!

photo kendallcamo  

We also tried deep fried oreos for the first time. Not impressed. :-/ I wish I’d tried the deep friend twinkies. Ha!

On our way to said festival I received some texts from friends about going to the Improv downtown later in the evening. So Chris and I got a free date night! Well the free tickets required a 2 drink minimum. It was so funny! I seriously LOVE going to see comedians! Kendall slept over with Grandma and Grandpa V.


Saturday was a lazy day. Kendall and I went to Weston’s first birthday and then out to dinner with Chris. I worked on some research for school… snoozefest!

Kendall was obsessed with the birthday boys Thomas the Train couch. Ha!


Today we got some new furniture. Ok… it’s used and from my parents… be anticipating a post on that later this week!

How was your weekend?

Have you tried Deep Fried oreos?

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  1. I'm wiht you on the dep fried Oreo's-- doesn't sound too goo. But a twinkie on the other hand? I would imagine that tasting like a really great donut. :)