Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crap Sandwich

This week has not been my week. Thankfully, things ARE looking up, but in true blogger fashion I need to share what's been going on so I can look back and smile.

  • Kendall was sick and had a horrible cough earlier this week. Baby Girl couldn't sleep comfortably at all. I hate when she's sick. A doctors visit and a few rounds of amoxy later and she is feeling much better.
  • Positive: Kendall has picture day at "school" tomorrow. Ha!
  • My husband took my keys to work on Tuesday. A few weeks ago it was my phone. I don't know why this man takes my things with him by accident. And he can't just leave work because he's a teacher and has students. So annoying... guarding my purse and belongings better from here on out!
  • Whilst taking Kendall to the doctor Tuesday morning and going to pick up my keys from the husband's school I decided Kendall and I would partake in a ChicFIlA breakfast. Que... biggest toddler tantrum EVER! We were both in tears driving home. Why does she throw her body on the ground when I pick her up? Why won't she let me buckle her into the carseat?
  • We have flippin' ants in the kitchen. Apparently the colder weather and rain is making them want to come in my house. I wish they'd leave. And this whole issue is happening while my husband is on a school camping truck. Really?
  • Here's what my house looked like yesterday as I moved everything out of the kitchen and then vacumned/sprayed every inch of my kitchen.

  • So that's fun.
  • Then on Wednesday I take Kendall to daycare and when I get back in my 2 YEAR OLD car it goes crazy. Like the engine is making noises and the lights are flashing. WTF!
  • Well as soon as I make it to the dealership it's not doing it anymore and they can't even looka t my car until Thursday.
  • Well today is Thursday and I waited for 1.5 hours and $88 later they tell me NOTHING is wrong.
  • Oh and apparently the $12.95 I pay Onstar every month could've been helpful during my ordeal. You can just press the button when the lights are flashing and they can tell you what's going on with your car.
So... that's why I haven't updated my blog this week. I hope we have a great weekend. We will be doing some party prep for the birthday party we are throwing next weekend. Hopefully I want have ants in my kitchen when 30 people come to my house. :)


  1. $1295 for onstar? Is that a typo?? You're week sounded interesting. :)

  2. Your week can only get better from here. I feel bad about those ants... nothing worse. Well, a mouse is the worst. I pray to God that I never have/see one, otherwise I'll be at the Embassy Suites. :)

    Cheer up, buttercup. It's almost FRIDAY! :)

  3. Ugh... what a week. I am hoping this weekend totally redeems itself for you:) Oh and Ants... I had them a few years ago and lost many nights of sleep over it.

  4. Sounds like a crazy week, girl! I get ants in my kitchen every spring and every fall. Hubby and I do everything to keep them out and we still don't have luck! I hope you have better luck than we do! I also hope that Kendall feels better quickly. The temper tantrums are stinky, but they do get over them, at least they spread them out more. Or at least my son did. He still does them every once in awhile, but they are getting better. He just turned 3. Lastly, tomorrow is Friday, you'll make it! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. It's the weekend!! Sorry your week sucked. *fingers crossed* next week is 100 x's better!

    Mine isn't quite 2 yet but she sure knows how to throw a tantrum! She had me at the brink of tears tonight.

  6. OK my little guy will sometimes freak out when I'm putting him in his car seat. He arches his back and it is so hard to get buckled. He turns two in less than 3 months I think the terrible two's are starting early!

    We just gotta hang in there and remember all the fun moments to treasure.