Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Today’s post is kind of a downer.

  1. Monday morning I woke up to find out a train had derailed near my commute to work. It’s Tuesday night and the road is still shut down. Something about hazadous material leaking… so I haven’t been at work this week. I have enjoyed the time off, but it’s really not funny. No one was hurt but people have been evacuated from their homes.train
  2. Also… something happened a little ways from here that has me physically ill. There was a horrific  headstart bus crash (preschool age children) and two three year olds passed away and several are still in the hospital. I think this has affected me because 1) I’m a human being and 2) my daughter is 2 and I cannot imagine what these parents are feeling. They put their babies on the bus because they needed dependable transportation and then something like this happens and there is no way to explain it. You just wonder, why?
  3. And of course, there is Hurricane Sandy. Nature has a way of making us all feel uneasy. You can’t prevent it and you are at the mercy of a storm. I just pray that people stay safe! My prayers are going out to everyone suffering through the storm.
  4. Lastly, my grandpa Joe is on my heart. He has some serious health issues and has been in the hospital since Thursday. It’s really scary seeing him this way and even scarier seeing my mom be so upset. He is my grandfather and I love him so much and want him healthy, but I can’t imagine if it were my dad. Does that make sense? Please keep him and my family in your thoughts and prayers!DSC_0766

Anyway, on a fluffier note. Chris carved Kendall’s pumpkin tonight and she wouldn’t take a picture with it because “it scared me.” Girlfriend is a nut. She is going to dress up tomorrow as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for her school Halloween party and trick or treating. I will post pics!


  1. I am sending positive thoughts your way for your Grandpa Joe. And I lightly skimmed over the rest of your post because anything where children die keeps me up at night. :/

  2. Prayers sent for your Grandpa Joe. My Grandpa is battling cancer right now and it's so sad to see my mom struggle with it all. I feel just like you. I love him very much and don't want anything to happen to him but my sadness can't compare to my mom's. I'd fall apart if it was my dad.

    My son, who is 6, now likes SCARY Halloween stuff. I'm not a fan. I indulged him though and we did a scary pumpkin and scary decorations.

  3. Lots of prayers yours way for your Grandfather. I can't even fathom the loss of a child and I can't bring my mind there. My friend lost her son at 6 months to CHD and I don't think I have fully recovered from that. So... Prayers all around. Happy Halloween.

  4. Aw, sending prayers your way. Your grandfather is adorable. Hopefully his health takes a positive turn soon!

  5. So sorry, girl! So much going on all at once! :( I am so sad to hear about the train & especially the headstart bus crash. That is so tragic. :( Definitely makes sense what you said about your grandpa. Will be praying for him & you & your mom. HUGS!