Friday, October 12, 2012

It's the freakin' weekend BABY!

I am super excited about this weekend. We are throwing Kendall's 2nd birthday tomorrow at our home and then it's Chris's birthday on Sunday! So... basically I will be eating lots of cupcakes and not caring. Because sometimes you have to LIVE and get back to work on Monday.

I feel really guilty about neglecting my C25K. I hate that I am the last priority on my list  most of the time. It's been a busy week. The husband is ending fall ball gams (grrrr) and has been busy in the afternoons with that. It's the end of my term next week so I've had a lot of school assignments and I observed/went to asubstitute training this week also. So mix that in with a toddler, getting home later every day this week and preparing for 30 people to be in our home Saturday... and I just haven't made the time to continue my program.

I'm hoping I can fit it in tonight or wake up early tomorrow morning so I can run and feel energized all for the party day.

In other news...
My DVR is BACKED UP. I cannot wait to get a break and sit and watch and watch my tv shows. I did however check out NASHVILLE.
Did anyone else check it out?

And of course I've watched both the Prez and VP debates. I won't get political here (because I don't want people to hate me for my opinions) but I think it's important for citizens to be informed and educated voters!

Anywho... have a GREAT weekend and I will fill you in on our birthday exstravaganza next week! Holla!


  1. I LOVED Nashville!!! Can't wait to next week's episode!

    Have a great weekend! Sounds like a fun one for you!

  2. Yay for Kendall's party! I know what you mean about spending the week getting ready for the 30 people! I did that last week. Good luck getting your run in in the morning, I know it'll make you feel great to do it!

    I did watch Nashville and loved it, cannot wait for more!

    Have a nice weekend girl!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. Have a great time!

    I watched Nashville, too. Kind of- I was working while watching so I think I may have missed a few things. I'm going to watch again next week and see if I change my mind. Hubs hated it but I thought it was ok.