Monday, October 22, 2012

October 14 & 21

Chris and Kendall’s birthdays are a week apart. My sister, mom and myself all have consecutive birthdays in December (20,21 & 22) and my parents always made sure all of our birthdays were special.

Back to my original point… it is important to me that I make Chris and Kendall’s birthday special! Clearly, I throw an awesome party for Kendall, ha! You can go back a few posts to see all of that.

On Chris’s birthday he had a family reunion so we celebrated there. Chris is (the opposite of me) and hates when people sing Happy Birthday to him. He would probably divorce me if I made a restaurant full of hungry patrons yell “Happy Birthday Yee-haw!” to him!




His mom provided a cake and you would have thought my husband was 7 years old. He loves his CATS.


This picture cracks me up.


Since we celebrated Kendall’s birthday last weekend we wanted to do something small for her on her actual birthday.

Chris went hunting so I made her a special birthday breakfast and invited my mom over to join us! We didn’t take pictures because neither of us were wearing makeup.

Later, after the huntsman returned, we let Kendall open her gifts. I struggled with shopping for her this year. Shocker, I know. Kendall has everything. Her playroom is almost embarrassing because she has any and every toy you could think of! We looked at a few “bigger” gifts and decided they might be a Christmas gift instead.

We got her a few small toys and some clothes and she loved everything!

DSC_0357 DSC_0354 DSC_0362 DSC_0359

We wanted to do something fun with her on her birthday. We talked about going to a pumpkin patch or driving a few hours to the aquarium, but Kendall was kind of in a mood (twos?) so we wanted to stay closer to home.

Kendall loves playing some skeeball so we took her to a local arcade/putt-putt/go cart track place and spent a whopping $3.00 on some skeeball before we left.


After our skeeball tourney and rewarding of silly bands worth 23 tickets we ventured over the river to Indiana to go to the big Bass Pro Shop store. Clearly, this was a Chris choice of events but us girls had fun too. Have you ever been to a Bass Pro Shop? It is so big and they have all kinds of fish and dead animals on display. We liked the home decor area best.


We wanted to go out to dinner but at this point Kendall wasn’t having it so we dined via drive thru and headed home.

I realized I hadn’t got a picture with the birthday girl so I had Chris snap a few. These were the best we could do.


I love you enough for the both of us K-dawg! And I will love showing these pictures to your future spouse.


Now life can go back to normal since our October birthdays are over! It’s been real!


  1. Cuteness overload - Love it and your blog is adorable. Love the new get up girl - sweet! Happy Monday.

  2. Haha I love your witty banter! K-dawg=my new nickname for Kendall!

  3. I literally busted up laughing at the camo couch. We defineately have one at the family camp, the only place men are allowed to aid in decorating. Thanks Bass Pro! LOL "I'll show these to yuor future spouse" LOL Hope you're having a great day Shelli!

  4. Shelli, I didn't realize you were from Louisville! I am from Charlestown IN and my family still lives there, SMALL WORLD! Maybe we can get together sometime when I come south to visit my family :)

  5. Fun!!!

    I feel bad for you three girls having 'Christmas' birthdays! My husband's is Dec 22 and his grandma's would tell him his Xmas gift was also his bday gift, so he got jipped every year. No fair! So ever since we got together (and after he told me that) I've always tried my hardest to make his bday extra special. No combo gifts from this girl! :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. We had a family reunion this weekend too! Aren't those tons of fun? NOT! lol..glad you were able to fit in some other fun stuff for the birthday boy and girl. Her pictures crack me up. Future blackmail material for sure.

  7. Oh K-Dawg... you sweet pie... Your mommy's friends love those stubborn pictures. :)

    And I love your new blog design! It's totally you!! After I saw the finished product, I told Chris he needs to step it up on MY blog now. :)

  8. Bass Pro & Cabella's are two of my boys' favorite places to go {sigh}. I usually have a good time too. They do have some cute home kinds of things when you have a house full of outdoorsy boys. I draw the line at anything camo or stuffed though. No taxidermy in my house.

    Looks like you all had a good weekend- fit throwing and all. She's too cute!

    Love the new blog design :)