Friday, October 19, 2012

Scale Love and Friday Photo Topics

So… I hate my scale. I hate it so much I bought another one. And then I blogged about it once. Anyway… I don’t know if my 163 is accurate because….

I weight 158 at a doctors office today! WITH shoes and clothes on and after eating Jimmy Johns! The nurse guy wrote down 151 because he said they deduct 7 pounds for clothes and food. Ha!

And in case you’re wondering… this was a pre employment assessment to sub at a local school system. I am not pregnant.

I highly doubt I weight 158. I have a feeling my damn scale is more accurate than I think… ehh. BUT I will take 158! Sorry!

Little Momma


How cute is Kendall? Who do you think she gets this whole feed the baby AND watch tv idea from? Her momma! Ha!



Ya’ll the nut farm on the hill is in full swing. Pecans and English walnuts up to our eyeballs. We have to get them off the ground before all the leaves fall!

They Broke Up? Surprise, surprise


This is actually the first time I watched an entire season of the Bachelorette. I saw this coming… wait, don’t they all break up? Not Trista and Ryan! I knew she was doomed when she didn’t pick the guy who wrote her daughter a letter! Tears! At least he is the new bachelor!

Happy Friday! Have any fun plans?


  1. Trista and Ryan were the only season I ever watched. HA... I hate the scale - as you can see I didn't get on this week - puke... I am terrible.

    Send some nuts my way - ha...

    Happy Friday girl.

  2. eh I am so over these bachelor/bachelorette shows, they need to retire it or just not do them so often!

    I always dread the Dr. office because I usually weigh more there - like, A LOT more. I have to face the scale Monday, after gaining last week.

  3. My doctor's scale is the opposite...I don't like their number!! It's always higher:) you are lookin' good mama!

  4. Jealous! I've not done well working out this week. I'd go with the 158 :)

  5. I wish my doctor's office scale would magically remove lbs! Anywho just wanted to let you know that I nominated you and your blog for an award! Please follow the link to my blog to read all about it! Thanks =]

  6. What do you guys do with all the nuts? Save them? Sell them? {Send them to St. Louis for Mel and I}? :)

    I can't wait for you to see the new headers Chris has started for you. Yay for blog makeovers!!