Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So WHAT Wednesday!

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

So What Wednesday
  • I bought my own domain today! Holla! You can now find my blog via or
  • I haven't fully cleaned up from Kendall's birthday party Saturday... oops
  • I had White Castle for breakfast (yuck, I know)... I'm running today... so what?
  • I'm waiting to the last minute to turn in my end of term assignments... the undergrad Shelli is back
  • I make political updates on fb/twitter. If you don't want to see political commentary DURING THE DEBATE... I'd advise you to not sign on to a SOCIAL media during that time. I don't complain about everyone's Big Brother or Bachelor Pad status updates.
  • I'm going to be getting a blog makeover soon and I CANNOT find a good picture of myself by myself. I guess I will be putting makeup on tonight and taking an awkward self portrait.

That's it, folks! Head over to Shannon's Blog and link up!


  1. Can't wait to see your new blog! :)

  2. AMEN about the debate FB/Twitter talk! I saw a post where someone said..."noone cares about your debate talk." and I'm thinking "no one cares about your ______." (insert whatever!)I'm understand wanting to leave social media free of politics but lets let people talk about what they want!

    Congrats on the blog domain! We could do headshots...

  3. I'm so mad!!! The site I bought my domain from has an entry blank too small for the google link that I need to enter to redirect people to my new domain!!!! They told me I need to call Google to get a shorter link, but you literally can NOT call google!!! I'm about to call and have them refund my money and put the domain back out there so I can buy it from another site.... ughhhhhh.

  4. That's so exciting about buying your domain!