Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend and 30DS Fail

I figured I'd use my lunch to update the ole blog! Our weekend was pretty laid back. My favorite kind of weekend. We managed to eat out a lot and hit up the Lowes twice. Seriously what's better than home improvement and people cooking you dinner?
We promised Kendall we'd go buy more fish for her tank. Now she has 4 fish and we've named them Annie, June, Quincy and Leo. If you knew where those names came from give yourself a hug. :)
This is pre toddler meltdown at Feeders Supply.

This is post toddler meltdown and pre nap time.
Chris decided to go bow (spelling?) hunting Saturday evening. So it was just us girls. Kendall's artwork for the day was hunting inspired. I'm so bad!

That morning I went to a local church clothing sale and spent a whopping $4.25. I am spoiled by the large consignment sale I participate in!

For the first 3 weeks of the 30 day shred I was doing awesome. Then it kind of went downhill. Well, I wouldn't say downhill... I just started the C25K program and I didn't want to do both.
I'm one run away from being on week 3 of the C25K. I'm starting to tell a difference in my body but I need to bring Jillian back. I think I'm going to start doing a Ripped in 30 workout on the days I don't have a run. I need to tone to get to where I want to be.
I also NEED to fix my diet. I've lost 8.5 inches all over and only 2-4 pounds. 2-4 pounds? I'm fluctuating BIG time. Seriously... I hate telling the world how much I weigh but I am 4 pounds away from reaching the 150s. My ultimate goal is 145 at this point. I'm still hoping I can reach it by December 22 (my 27th birthday) but I have to do the work! That means goodbye Coca Cola!
In other news, Kendall is with me at work today. She is under the weather and I can't get her an appointment until tomorrow morning. Thank GOD I work for my parents again. My office looks like a daycare and she wants to sit in my lap all day! Lunch break over...


  1. You can do it girl you are well on your way. That is so awesome you get to take her to your work - too cool.

  2. I bet you see a major difference when you cut out coke! Do it! That stuff ain't right!

  3. Shelli... You can definitely be 145 by your 27th birthday. Let's knocok these last 10 pounds off together!!

  4. I am all about someone else cooking my dinner!! I kept reading four hundred twenty five for whatever reason and I was like whaaaaa?? Then I saw that decimal! That is awesome- I love consignment sales!