Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blogging Community

Last night Chris was asking me something about youtube that he wanted to do for his classes. They were going to create some flipbook and he asked if the students could upload to youtube from their phones. So I disclosed to him that I had a youtube channel for my blog and that I did that all the time. Long story short... my husband thinks I'm a major dork for talking to myself on camera and posting it on the internet for the world to see.

My response to him and to everyone else who isn't a blogger, is that they just don't get our community. I have met some great women through blogging and I truly love reading about their lives. I hope to one day meet some of these great ladies in person when I venture to their parts of the county.

I also know that blogging can do BIG things for people. Blogging allows some people a full time job or extra income for their family. Most importantly, I have seen blogging GIVE and SUPPORT people, whether it is through the power of Prayer or via paypal donations.

Today when I opened my google reader I saw that Aly, Brandi and Holly were hosting a Holiday Pay It Forward! I encourage everyone to check it out and maybe you can find a way to give to someone in need during the holidays.

I have already emailed them about a special story I came across yesterday. I truly believe our blogging community can help this family. Heather's son Brayden has cerebral palsy and they need to get him a stroller that will suit him and make all of their lives easier. They have been denied by their insurance and  the stroller is very costly for them to pay for themselves. I felt led to share this story today, please go check out how to help.


  1. Thanks, Shelli! We are kicking it off this Saturday with the 12 Days of Christmas! :)

  2. fab blog! i'm a new GFC follower :)