Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Craftiness!

I am confident my child is going to be an artistic individual. She loves to sing and dance and is obsessed with Disney’s Little Einstein's which of course is all about the arts!

This makes my musical theater loving heart oh so happy! I am practically counting down the days to sign Ms. K for tap and ballet class! Stage mom, anyone? I kid. Kind of…

Lately, since it’s so cold out, we have spent a lot of time coloring. She colors and creates things at school and it’s so much fun to see her “at work”. Girlfriend can color circles like a boss and can identify all sorts of shapes and colors.

Picasso could work a little on her crayon sharing…another story, another day…

Anyhow… this evening, we are heading for a girls (plus Caleb) craft night at my cousin’s house! Tara and I have some fun Pinterest kid craft ideas to try! I can’t wait to see how they turn out and you better believe I will blog about them!

Happy Friday!


  1. A girl after my own heart! I could color all day long! I love that she's got crayolas! Is there another crayon?!? My hubs does not understand the importance of crayola! :) Have fun crafting!!

  2. Ya know "they" say all those crafts are super important in the development of all cognitive skills, sounds like girl friend is and is going to continue to be super smart! I LOVE a good craft night :) Happy Friday Shelli!

  3. Can not wait to see how your crafting night turns out! Good luck and may your fingers not get glued together!