Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miss Fashionable, Mourning and 20 minute run

Happy Weekend! Kendall and I are living it up and enjoying this beautiful weather at home. My other half, Chris, is in a deer stand somewhere since it is opening weekend of gun season in KY.
Yesterday I dressed Kendall in this cute sweater my mom bought for her. Every woman at Kroger complimented her on her choice of clothing. After nap time, I managed to snap a few pictures of Miss Fashionable playing on her swing set.
DSC_0432 DSC_0433 DSC_0434

So Felicity is over. :( I feel like I’ve just broken up with Ben and Noel. The last season was kind of slow and the ending was odd, but I miss it. I guess it’s probably for the best. I need to get back to my dvr and family. Ha!
So I waited a whole 10 days in between C25K Week5 run 2 and 3. Run 2 had you run 2 8 minutes runs with a 5 minute break. Week 3 has you run for a straight 20 minutes. Ouch. I was hurting. I ran the first 8 minutes, walked for 2, ran a few more minutes, walked a few more minutes and then made myself run the last 5 minutes.
I have GOT to be more disciplined about getting my runs in during the week. I feel so much better when I am consistent. I’m going to move forward with the program but I feel like in order for it to work I can’t take 10 days off. Sorry Shelli, get off the couch… I mean Netflix. I blame my 10 day hiatus on Ben & Felicity.


  1. I love K-dawgs sweater. What a sweetie pie.

    And cheers to getting those runs in this week-- I am in the same boat!

  2. Such a sweet sweater! Didn't we have awesome weather this weekend in KY? I'm afraid our good luck is about to end in terms of weather!

  3. Love her sweater!! And you are at the point in Couch to 5K when I quit...I am hoping to try again, but I just have a really hard time running and I am not sure it is physically possibly for me to do it! haha OK I know that's not true but it was an excuse for now.... Loved the weather today!

  4. I love the sweater.

    Don't you hate it when shows end? I saw a picture on pinterest you can relate to: I don't always watch TV Shows on netflix, but when I do I watch the entire series in a week and then cry when it ends. haha :-)

  5. That is a super sweet sweater!

    10 days off any exercise program and it's killer to get back on. Good for you for getting back at it!