Tuesday, November 27, 2012


After not running for a week because I was sick (valid excuse) and not running the week before for no reason (lame) I hit up the treadmill last night.  It feels good to be back. I didn't die.

And yes I have become one of those people I make fun of who posts that they are "at the gym" or "just ran a marathon" on every social network so people are aware they work out. Ha!

When I first posted my BEFORE pictures here... I was all, "let's lose 23 pounds by my birthday Dec. 22". Well... now that I sit here still weighing 163 (my body has changed physically -can't forget that) I've decided to put less focus on an ideal number I want the scale to be.
I guess I've kind of rethought a lot of this... so here are some of my new goals.

1. I will get in the 150s by my birthday. Hell or high water this will happen and it will be my last weight related goal.
2. I will finish the damn C25K and run for 30 solid minutes and then I will run 3.1 miles in however long it takes me. I even made a little calendar of all the runs I have left to complete the program.

3. In Louisville, they have this Triple Crown Races and I'm kind of entertaining the idea of training for all 3.
I will be honest and let you know that the Papa Johns 10 miler appeals to me because you get FREE pizza when it's over. I will run 10 miles if I get to stuff my face with pizza.

So I'm changing up my goals to better suit me! Imagine that!
Thoughts? What are your goals?

I leave you with my personal little motivator.
Girlfriend is all about wearing her backpack everywhere.
I sound out of breath in the video but I swear it's my head cold. 


  1. I think it is amazing to reevaluate your goals!!! Define them for you!!

    I was out of commission for sickness for awhile and I finally get back to it over a week ago and I feel good - health wise!!

  2. YES! The scale can be a cruel mistress, and physical fitness is SO important, so you're definitely reevaluating in a fantastic way!

  3. You got this Shelli - for real you ARE going to do this. Great way to step back and re-adjust those goals.

  4. Shelli, you can do it! If I wasn't going to be as big as a house for the triple crown I would drive down for the races and run them with you! YOU CAN DO THIS! You go girl. And yes, stuff your face with that delish pizza when you finish, you deserve it!

    Oh by the way, I love the baby ponytail you are sporting, mine is even smaller I think now that I've gotten my hair all chopped off! :)

  5. seriously?! pizza at the end of the race?! it's criminal NOT to do that one!


  6. You can do it girl!!! What did you use to make your cute calendar? I WANT!!!

  7. Way to go making and writing down your goals!!! That will help you stick to them. And they are good goals, very attainable! Good luck getting to the 150's and completeing C25K!!!

  8. I am doing C25K as well and it's good to see others going through it with me! I have had to repeat weeks but I've gotten in at least 3 runs every week since I started it 6 weeks ago... I really wished I had been able to move along every week, but that's just not for me. I also live in Louisville and I'm dreaming of the day I complete my first 5K!!!!

  9. Free pizza after a race? Lousiville is only 4 hours away from me.... That's almost worth the trip! :) Love the thinking. It is all about the payoff afterall! Hey, Hubs and I went to Vegas after our half marathon-- for the great spas of course.

    Great job with training! You'll get it!

  10. Congrats on signing up for the triple crown! It's such a fun series of races ... You are going to be hooked! I love your new goals - good luck!

  11. PS .. I am totally one of those social media people. :) a good run just makes me want to shout it from the rooftops ... Or post it to every possible social media outlet. No shame ... Welcome to the dark side. :)