Monday, November 19, 2012

Running? What's that...hunting and the sickies...

AHHHH I feel terrible. I think I caught whatever Ms. K had last week. My ears and head are going to explode from sinus pressure. I don't EVER get sick but when I do it's like my body shuts down.

So... I haven't started week 6 C25K. I was really hoping to be done by now so now my new goal is to be down with the program by my 27th birthday on Dec. 22. So if you follow my blog for fitness inspiration... stay tuned. It will come.

We had a great weekend. The husband shot a second deer so hopefully he will reenter our family unit now. Do I have any hunters wives out in the audience?
Do you want to leave your husband during gun season like I do? I kid... kind of. But seriously I just don't get the thrill of spending all of your free time in a damn tree to kill a harmless creature.

I will spare you the picture of my husband holding his dead animal... that he kept looking at when we went out for dinner to celebrate. So weird. I may or may not have asked him if killing a deer "excited" him.

So... back to the weekend.  My mom and sister were out of town and well you know what the Mr. was doing... so Kendall and I went on a date with Grandpa and Uncle David. Uncle David is 23 and single if you know  a sweet girl in KY who would be interested. 

Saturday I got all crafty and PINSPIRED and whipped up a felt Christmas tree for K-dawg to play with. It was a HIT. All I did was cut a triangle, hot glue some presents and ornament and pin it to the wall. Felt sticks to felt so you don't have to bother with velcro. Easy Peasy!
Pinned HERE. Or can be found HERE.

Yesterday we spent the day visiting with family and (me) getting all sick. Yuck! All 3 of us were in bed by 8:30 pm last night.  And I may or may have not had a bowl of vanilla ice cream for dinner. 

Happy Monday and Happy Short Work Week!



  1. The hunting. Ugh I don't get it either. My family has a deer camp that all of the men are posted up at this week. Including Thanksgiving day. It's rediculous. Boys will be boys! Happy Monday Shelli and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hey girl - the hunting - blah.. I can't stand it. HAHAHA - My Dad and Step-Dad are super hunters - bow, gun, bare hands.. LOL.. Whatev! I hope you feel better and I love that felt tree - adorable idea.

  3. Such a great idea! I need to make one for my toddler this year, but I can't wait for him to help us decorate our real tree as well! Have a great week

  4. I love the tree idea. I wish Pinterest existed when my son was younger. There are SO many great ideas for keeping them entertained!

    I don't "get" hunting either. My dad and brother always hunted... Thankfully my husband does not. Our neighbors brought home a deer yesterday. I did NOT see it. My husband came inside and said they had it in the back of the truck. I may have teared up a bit. Poor poor deer. What if it had a family? =(

    Feel better soon!!!

  5. Love the pinterest!!! I did an advent calendar with my niece and nephew this weekend from there. They ended up eating most of the candy. Yay for short work weeks!

  6. I am a hunter's wife as well! Luckily my husband just makes 2 couple day long hunts all year though. I let him because sometimes I need a break too! hahaha. Love your felt tree and I hope you feel better ASAP!

  7. Ahh Hunting Season - I feel like it's becoming year round in my household, whether it's deer, duck, turkey, pig, who knows what else there is! And the husband is just MIA on the weekends during duck season.

    Love the felt tree! That was such a great idea!!

  8. I hope you feel better! I think you should have posted the deer pic though :)

  9. Love that tree. I'll probably wait till next year when the boys a little older. My hubby doesn't hunt but my brother is obsessed and goes all the time. Hope you get better soon and back to hunting!

  10. Umm back to running...not hunting. woops.

  11. I'm a new follower - found ya through AP's link up!! :) Happy to be here!! Your blog is so cute!!

    My mom did daycare years ago and she always made felt props and little "scenes" for the kiddos to play with, so I know how much fun they have and how much they love them!!

    Hope you feel better girl!! So excited to follow along with you here!! :)

  12. Oh my goodness, that is too cute! Thanks for sharing!