Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Link Up

Hey All! I’m linking up with Erin & Holly today for their Turkey Trot Link Up!


I didn’t realize it but I spent the first 3 minutes talking about my new haircut. Ooooppppss…
About that… this was the photo I showed the hair lady…


So it’s not exactly how I wanted it, but oh well… it’s just hair!
Enjoy my video! Excuse the dark room (I have horrible lighting in this house and it’s dark outside) and my manly sick voice.
Go link up with Erin & Holly!


  1. OMG my lightening was terrible too. You are darling and your haircut is too cute.

  2. Love your hair, worth ten bucks for sure! Kendall is so cute!

  3. I love the hct story! :) You and my husband would get along great, he hates casseroles, too! Thanks for doing the linkup with Holly and me! Happy Tgiving to you and yours!

  4. Southern soul sista! LOVE the way you talk. The hair cut is adorable and I loved meeting your baby girl, soooo adorable!! Happy Thanksgiving Shelli!

  5. I think your hair's cute and yes you were brave to go to a strip mall place! At least she cut you a deal. And at least you have a good attitude about it...but honestly it is super cute and you will get used to it!
    I hope you have a happy thanksgiving!!

  6. I love your new hair cut and how oyu have your bangs pinned back. The part about K-dawg taking out all of her wipes made me laugh because we go through that bottle every day. Anyway, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!