Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toddler Showdown

This two year old attitude is kicking my butt. Like when did she get so smart and defiant? 90% of the time Kendall is a perfect angel... and then I don't give her the right flavor Gogurt or I didn't turn on the right episode of Little Einsteins or she wanted to wear a different shirt... what? You are 2 honey child.

Or there's the showdown... you know when she is doing something she knows is wrong and I tell her no. She gives me this face...

 I try to be a stern parent and not laugh because I am so shocked that my daughter is not listening.

And then she wins. LOL This wasn't staged. Girlfriend picked up her princess baseball bat.

In all seriousness... the defiant two year old can be tough and she usually never hits me with the bat. Parenting is a tough job and hopefully all parties will make it out ok.


  1. Sometimes the '3s' are worse! The smarter they get the more they think they can tell you what's what. It's best just to laugh about it! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Haha I hate to tell you but Erin is right..:-) on the 3s thing and the you just gotta laugh part. Because then they become teenagers and you have to talk about boys, and lying and homework, ugh!