Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope you all had a great holiday with your family and friends. We are still in the holiday spirit with our house all decorated and stuffing everything we see into our mouths. Ha!

Seriously, I’m in a holiday coma! I even started and am about to finish a book in 24 hours. I’m letting myself off the hook from everything until New Years and then it’s on! Back to school and back to getting bikini ready for the summer.

We can save all that business for 2013, for now I want to share our Christmas! I will try to be brief so I can get back to my book and food coma.

We celebrated my 27th birthday.


Baked cookies for Santa.


Family Time :)


Anxiously went to bed on Christmas Eve!


Santa brought K-dawg a white convertible and a dollhouse. DSC_0752

Mommy and daddy got her more toys and boring stuff like clothes. Girlfriend has toys in every possible inch of this house now.  We celebrated with my family Christmas Eve and then my parents and Chris’s family on Christmas day. It has been such a great Christmas and we are so blessed!


  1. For stuffing your face on all the goodies, you look great! :) love the family pic! Xoxo

  2. Happy 27th Birthday, Shelli! And I am loving your curtains!

  3. Merry Christmas Ryan's!! I'm so jealous of that car! Man I always wanted one when I was little. haha

  4. Happy belated birthday! Love the cute Christmas pictures!