Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Parenting Woes (again) & 24 Days of Christmas: Day 4

This 24 days of Christmas is really getting fun! I have so many ideas to really make this season special and memorable for Kendall! I was happy to see all of the bulletin boards at Kendall’s school had been changed to Christmas themes today so we could spend our walks in and out pointing them out. She is so receptive to everything Christmas… well everything in general. I am amazed everyday how smart she is!

Before I get to the Christmas stuff, I must share a parenting story because this is Kendall’s baby book/my journal and I want to remember these moments. Yesterday (Monday) when I picked Kendall up from school, her teacher said Kendall had a rough day. Kendall scratched another child over a toy and spent some time in timeout twice. My first reaction was, “ are you kicking her out?” and my next reaction was complete helplessness/fear that I am creating a monster.

I guess it’s the 2’s but Kendall has developed quite an attitude and defiance towards me. She is completely different with Chris, but she also has a better time with me too. I love my husband, but I am more fun.  I always put her first and we have so much fun playing and doing things together every day. Since I work and I am in school, I have gone out of my way to make her a priority when I am at home. We do puzzles and color instead of me catching up on my shows or talking on the phone. I let her help me cook and do house work.

98% of the time she is pure joy to be around. But then she will be in a mood or she doesn’t get her way and the grunts, no’s and fits begin. I don’t want to spank my child (I’m not against it – I just don’t think it’s that effective with her) but I need to regain control somehow when these moments happen. Suggestions?

I like to believe I am doing everything right but she is still her own person. She is also two and learning her boundaries. She minds her Ps and Qs but Princess cannot get her way all of the time. I always am and will be her parent first before being her friend but it is so hard when you cannot get a two year old little person to listen! Parenting truly is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and probably ever will do. Gahhhh

Now I’m sad. This to shall pass. Back to Christmas…

Day 4 of Kendall’s 24 Days of Christmas

I LOVE these things…

SO healthy right? So not helping with my birthday weight loss goal. Oh well.

I decided to make my own! I purchased some milk chocolate chips and some snowflakes ritz crackers and VOILA!


I personally like a little more salty action so I only dipped them half way into the chocolate. Basically, it’s a skinnier version. Ha!

Girlfriend loved these! She did not like chocolate melted all over her fingers, so being a proper southern lady I showed her how to lick the chocolate off of her fingers. Classy, right?

Next I sat her up with some Christmas stickers and coloring pages so I could finish my homework! Check out this hair? :)



  1. When my son was two we made him a very basic sticker chart. It was just a piece of scrapbook paper covered in laminate(so I could peal the stickers off and reuse them) On the chart we had about 3 lines running horizontally and 9 vertically down the page.

    When he was behaving he got to put stickers on. When he was bad I took stickers off.

    When he got 10 stickers he got to pick a prize from our "store". I had a bin in the closet with things from the dollar store in it.

    He LOVED stickers and shopping from our store so it worked for us.

    Now he's 7...that obviously doesn't work anymore. Now we take away t.v. time or getting to go to a friends house.
    Good luck!!!

  2. You are such a good mom! I am jealous. I don't spend nearly enough time just playing/hanging with my boys. I need to make more of an effort on that.

    Ok, an easy recipe you need to try (that is totally fat free, I promise!) is spreading peanut butter between 2 ritz crackers, then coating them in almond bark. Yummo! I think the 24 days of Xmas is a great idea! Going to try to start that from today on with the boys. Thanks!

  3. You're right, this too shall pass. I think our kids often act up for us simply because we're mom!