Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Picture FAIL 2012

Linking up with Darci today for Santa Picture FAIL.
I love a good screaming kid on santa’s lap picture. I told my husband it was a rite of passage for a child. If your kid doesn’t scream on Santa’s lap atleast once in their lives… you may want to revisit that whole stranger danger discussion.
We did not visit Mr. Claus last year. Kendall was 14 months old and she didn’t get it then, so I was super excited to take her this year because she is so aware of everything Christmas now.
She wore this adorable outfit my mom bought her and my mom even helped Kendall color Santa a card. Chris and I took her to Kroger because it was close to our house and $5, much cheaper than the mall… and did I mention no line to wait in???
When we got to Kroger she spotted Santa a few aisles down and was so tickled to see him. She said Hi and handed him her card. He then gave her a candy cane which made her oh so happy! I was feeling good about the photo because they had warmed up to one another.
Not so much. Girlfriend wanted nothing to do with sitting NEAR that man.
I don’t blame her I guess. It is weird. She doesn’t KNOW him. I sent the picture to my mom and this was our conversation.
Mom: Borderline child abuse?
Me: Probably
I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t want to make a big deal about Santa. I mean my kids will believe in him, but I don’t really talk about it all the time. BUT I will have a forced Santa picture every year because it builds character. Ha!
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  1. lol I don't know why we do this to our kids. We just really want that Santa picture! =) At least they probably won't remember it later in life. My son was afraid of Santa until he was 3. We saw Santa 3 times that year because he loved him so much. Before that all of our photos look exactly like yours. Good luck next year!!!

  2. OMG I cannot wait to torture mine with Santa!

  3. BAH!!!!!!!! This is great. Hands down winner here:)

  4. LOL my kids LOVE santa, Andrew wants to BE santa when he grows up, haha. I love crying kid pictures and have never got one...maybe if I pinch him first....

    Yours is great!

  5. OH I love this picture!!! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

  6. Now that's adorable! I'm totally with you on the whole "it builds character" front. Also, they're perfect for Christmas cards!

  7. I love it! I totally agree with you that it builds character, and that's why I insist that Cooper visit Santa every year of his life, even if he was not even 3 months old, and when he kicked and screamed to get away from him when he was just over a year! :)

  8. It builds character. Haha nicely put. Love the picture!

  9. LOVE it!! My absolute favorite pictures ever!

  10. This is hilarous! We haven't done the Santa thing yet. It's important to my husband to teach our kids about Santa and I get that it can be a fun & magical thing for them, it just wasn't ever a big thing to me so I forget about these things. And then when I remember I see the lines and I run, haha! This is funny now and it will be just as fun to look at 10, 20+ years from now! Maybe we'll try to meet Santa before the season is over - just to have such a fun, character building memory, too ;)