Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 and a Quarter Life According to Ms. K

Kendall is at such a fun age. She talks so much and I want to remember her at this age forever!!!

I thought it would be fun to document what a day in her life is like at 2 & 1/4 years old.

On a typical weekday, Kendall wakes up between 6:30-7 am. She is always happy when she wakes up. Before her crib conversion, she would play in her crib for a few minutes and then yell “mommy” until I came into her room and found her standing in her crib. Now… she walks right into our room. :)

After we hug and kiss, Kendall usually requests to “watch Dora” or “Snack!”

While mommy gets ready and makes breakfast, Kendall plays in the living room while watching Dora. I love our morning time together. If she wakes up earlier, we will sit and cuddle in bed. A ponytail is totally worth cuddling a few more minutes with Kendall. :)


Kendall is so good about getting ready in the morning. She lets me get her dressed, fix her hair and then we brush our teeth together. Then we are out the door…

If we don’t have Dora playing in the car on the way to school, we sing songs or count the school buses we see.

At school, we kiss all the way to class and then she says “Hi Everybody” to all her friends and joins them.

Kendall is in the 2 & 3 year old class now and she has so much fun! They do crafts, color letters, and play lots of fun toys. She gets to nap in the big room now and sit at a big girl table.

I pick her up between 4-4:30. She is always playing dolls or kitchen with a bunch of girls or dancing with Chloe when I peek in the room. Once she sees me, she immediately stops whatever it is she was doing and runs to me. I swoop her up and we hug.

Lately, her new saying is, “You have a good day?” We ask her this all the time and now she will ask that all the time to us. She is so sweet! She also has started telling us (and her baby dolls) that “I’m so proud of you!”


Once we get home, Kendall will play with her toys and have a snack, while I make dinner.

Most nights we do puzzles or play baby dolls. When daddy gets home, we might bounce a ball around the house. It’s been cold outside so our evening adventures are pretty limited.

Bedtime is pretty fun! Kendall tries to resist a bath, but once the water comes on she is ready to jump in! Lately after bath time, girlfriend wants to wear her robe. I cannot get over how cute she is in a robe. She’s like a little old lady. Ha!

Brushing her teeth is a small battle. I let her play with the brush for a few minutes (aka she sucks the water off and repeats) and then I try and make sure I scrub every tooth. I really hope I am doing this the right way! Sometimes she gets upset and I have to hold her still, but I’m determined to make sure they all get brushed!

Then it’s kisses and hugs and Daddy tucks her in to go night-night. Daddy has nighttime duty because Kendall totally plays me. She won’t lay down and begs to go in “mommy’s room” and it just breaks my heart.

I wait until she’s been in bed for about twenty minutes and then I will go check on her and make sure she is covered up. :)

And that is how Ms. K, our princess spends her day! She certainly brightens ours!


  1. She looks like such a sweetie! :)

  2. Aww! I love that post!!! What a treasure to look back on in a few years! And those pics, gah! Super cute! I wish you would have posted one of her in her robe!