Thursday, January 3, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training & Dora

Well two things have gone down in the Ryan household the past week. 1, we’ve “seriously” initiated potty training and 2, Kendall is obsessed with Dora the Explorer. Both of these events I have dreaded. Clearly, you can imagine why I have not looked forward to potty training and Dora? Well, she is growing on me a little.

Like with most events in parenting, I don’t know if I am prompting going to the potty the correct way. I feel that she is ready because she always wakes up dry and announces that she has gone “poo-poo” every time she goes to the bathroom in her diaper. So for now, in the mornings and when we are home in the evenings we just make frequent trips to sit on the potty. Last night I even left her in a pair of panties for a little while.


My mom had this GREAT idea to give her a surprise every time she uses the potty. She bought all of these Dora goodies from Target and I have placed them in the bathroom. Since Kendall is not a big fan of sitting on her or our potty I am hoping this will make it a happier experience.

So seasoned moms, am I moving in the right direction?

Any tips?


  1. such a good idea!! we are seriously starting soon. I'll have to remember this idea. I hope it works out for you guys :)

  2. Love the surprise box! We did that also! It worked pretty well. Kendall was a booger at first and it took her a few days to get that sensation of having to go pee and actually going in her underwear. I just went straight to underwear and kept her in them all the time. Good luck! I am sure she will catch on eventually!

  3. Yeah, you are def moving in the right direction and she is very ready considering she is dry and realizes when she has gone #2. I potty trained my oldest kids in about a week. It took a lot of dedication and for about 2-3 days we didn't go anywhere except to the potty every 20-30 minutes but it worked. I realize how exhausting that sounds but it worked for us. Also, my kids can't stand the way wet clothing feels so after wetting themselves a couple times they were over it. Good luck!

  4. It took starting over 3 times for my son to get it! But they say girls are easier. We used treats, toys, and everything under the sun and he just wasn't ready. Then one day, he was. So if she is already showing signs like she wants to go and is doing well....keep doing what you're doing! I don't think there is ever a "this is how you do it" approach and it works everytime. Every kiddo is different, and like I said...I've heard girls "get it" much faster! Good luck, I hope she continues to do well! PS if my youngest son Drew, was a girl....he was going to be a Kendall!! :)

  5. We JUST trained Wes over Christmas break. He came up to us the Saturday before Christmas and said "I don't want to wear diapers anymore" - so we bought underwear and never looked back. We don't do any type of reward except praise - but that is NOT to say you can't. Every child is different and every potty training style is different. I think the key for Wes was "HIM" being ready. He is good to go now - had a few accidents here and there but ultimately he is great. Still in pull-ups at bed time - but doing fabulous. WTG though - sounds like she is doing awesome. I will be posting next week on the potty training we did over the break. Happy Friday.

  6. Every kid is so different, you have to do what works for Kendall. We were lucky w/ both of our boys, they were very easy. The only hiccup was Brennan didn't want to stop doing what he was doing, so getting him in the bathroom was a challenge. I started telling him his favorite stuffed 'doll', Bobby, had to go and we needed to take him to the bathroom and that it was up to Bren to teach him to do it. It worked like a charm. He showed Bobby how to take his pants down, how to sit on the toilet, how to wipe, etc. Then after Bren went we'd sit Bobby on the toilet, too, and make a big deal about both of them going. The only prize I used was stickers on a chart. W/ Aiden we took him to the store after his chart was full (about 3 weeks) and he picked out a toy. W/ Bren I cheated and he never asked to go to the store (bad mom!). Good luck and the most important thing is BE PERSISTENT! Don't confuse her by stopping and starting. Once you start, go with it unless she is really not getting it after a week or two. Yay for you guys!!!

  7. Every kid is different. I have probably potty trained about 500 kids in mylifetime teaching preschool though. I always tell people to remember two things.

    1. They will not go to kindy in diapers
    2. You don't have a choice to just NOT use the bathroom and don't let them think they have the choice either. Not in a harsh way I just say never ASK always just say Its time to go potty. If they go FAB if they don't oh well at least they tried. Obviously once they get the hang of it you can take their word when they say they don't have to go :-)