Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ENT and Breakfast Date

This morning was Kendall's 6 month ENT checkup. She had ear tubes put in last June and goes every six months to have them checked out. We had some bad weather last night so I was really hoping that wouldn't mess with our appointment because Kendall has some kind of sinus infection. I didn't bother making her a ped appointment since we were going to an ENT.

(K-dawg was photobombed by old guy)

Kendall was so cute in the doctors office. I let her have the "job" of handing over our insurance card and paperwork once I'd filled it out. When they called her name to go back, she got up and went, while I hurried to grab all of our things and follow her. So funny!

Her ears looked beautiful and the Dr prescribed her an antibiotic for her infection. We won't go back for another 6 months! Having tubes put in was the best thing we could have ever done! I do not miss ear infections at all!

After our appointment I had told Kendall we could do something special. The whole walk to the parking lot she kept saying, " let's go eat!" So we went to Panera!

I decided to keep her with me instead of dropping her off at school. She's so congested and it's fun to play hooky every once in awhile!


  1. Glad her ears looked great! My youngest had tubes put in on Dec 20, and has already had an infection after! He goes for his follow up appt tomorrow! I'm hoping for good news! ohhhh I could chow on some sierra turkey from panera about now! :)

  2. I'm glad the check-up went well! I hope she feels better soon!