Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Love Month & Nails Giveaway!

This week at Kroger I found all kinds of discounted nail stuff in the clearance aisle. Woohoo!

I picked up this color in honor of my Louisville Cardinals and Valentine's Day!

Then I thought, I should buy 2 extra to give away!

Don't you just love the name? Stripe-tease! Bow chick wow wow
So if you would like some sexy red/black nails to wear for your Valentine all you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me what you are getting your sweetie for Valentine's Day!


  1. I would LOVE these!! I don't know what I'm getting him for Valentine's Day ... we don't get to celebrate until March!

  2. Great find! Hmm, what am I get Andy for V-Day? Well, I usually make him a cherry-something dessert. He loves cherries so I try to make a new recipe for him every year. And if all else fails he gets a cherry pie. Not very exciting but we don't spend a lot of money on this holiday. I also make him a card to go with it. What are you getting your husband?

  3. I'm already following! I am getting my hubby chocolate truffles and some part he's ordering for his truck for Valentine's. Lol! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  4. I hate Valentine's day but I love you - so yes HOOK ME UP!!!!!! LOL