Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is why we can't order pizza anymore...

I've mentioned this before, but in case you did not know, we live across the street from my parents. We purchased a home right across from them in December 2011. They lives on 17 acres and we live on 2 so we aren't directly across from one another.  My brother and sister still live at home so life can be pretty fun being neighbors. What happened last night is exactly why my family should have a reality show.

Let me preface this story with an event that happened last week. I was making dinner and the dog started barking. Next thing we know there is a pizza guy knocking on our door. Chris answers and is all "we didn't order pizza". I ask if I could see the receipt and low and behold my brother ordered the pizza. Somehow or another I must have ordered from their papa johns account or we had a pizza come to our house for some reason in the past. Our house #'s are 1 number off.
I explain to the Papa Johns guy that the pizza is for my brother and their house is across the street. I call my brother to let him know and joke with him about us keeping the pizza next time.

Fast forward to last night at 9:55. Chris, Kendall, Wilson and myself are all sleeping our little hearts out when there is a knock on the door and Wilson goes Cray-zay. I get scared because who the flip comes to our door at 10pm and Chris creeps to the front door in nothing but his boxers. My almost naked husband peeks through the front door and there is a situation in our driveway. I am kicking myself for not having looked out the window.
My sister is barefoot and wearing short pajama shorts running towards the pizza guy. Please note that she would have ran from their porch, down the large cul de sac driveway and then down our street a ways before arriving to collect her pizza in our driveway. Approximately 253 feet. Ha! My brother google mapped it. Bless her heart! Aunt Amanda knew the pizza guy would make Wilson go crazy and then Kendall would wake up so when she saw the pizza guy pass their house and go towards ours she ran out the door in what she had on. Now the Papa Johns delivery guy thinks we are all nuts (we are) because he was the SAME guy that delivered my brother's pizza to our house last week. He even told Amanda that he figured it was the wrong house because it happened last time.
Bahahaha I am pretty sure the pizza guy will never deliver to our house again even if we are the ones who placed the order!

I love my crazy family!


  1. That is hilarious! And the fact that it makes me want pizza now? Sad lol...

  2. LOL. This is an awesome story!

  3. LOL!!! That is freaking awesome!!! And I want pizza....

  4. hahahahaha oh the joy of living near family! Now I want Papa Johns LOL!

  5. This is hysterical! I'd love to know what the PJ guy was thinking last night. :)

  6. HAHAHA! Laughing out loud. That's hilarious. And awesome. Thanks for the laugh. :)