Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too Nice

I had to share this little story. Yesterday, I decided it was time to try and eat a little healthier than I have been over the holidays to start working on my hot mom goals for the summer. Where I work there is NOWHERE to eat around us and I was too lazy to fix my lunch. So, my only option is a Dairy Queen.

In a perfect world where I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight I would order a chicken finger basket with fries and buttery toast and finish it off with a small oreo blizzard. But life isn't fair. :( Before I even left my desk, I had looked up the nutritional info and decided that a chicken finger kids meal swapped with applesauce instead of fries and a diet coke was my best option.

Then I was nice. I made casual conversation with the 16 year old girl working the drive-thru about the rude people in front of me who handed her their car trash? Who the flip does that? Americans! Only in America do we get fast food from the convenience of our car and then hand a sixteen year old girl our drinks because we needed our cup holders free.

Back to my point, I was nice to her so she asked me if I wanted this chocolate dipped childs cone for free? Why yes, yes I do want a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. I didn't pay for it so calories don't count, right? Then I had to "pull up" (aka the food wasn't fast enough - I kid) and wait for chicken tenders. Low and behold, my bff dairy queen employee hooked me up with applesauce and FRIES... which I am now enjoying. :)

This is why I don't eat good. Because I'm nice.

Also diet coke is nasty. If I can't have the real thing, I don't want it. Know what I'm saying?



  1. That's what you get for being nice lol. I don't think I could turn down the free goodies either!

  2. Ha, now your lesson to us is if we want to be healthy, don't be nice?!? haha! I definitely would have eaten both the fries and the ice cream cone! :)

  3. I sooooo agree! If you're gonna drink pop, you gotta drink the real thing! I can't stand diet pop! I loooove wild cherry pepsi. I don't drink it everyday, but I am ashamed to admit there are days that I will take that 5 pt hit (I'm on WW) and drink the pepsi....and every drink is heaven! LOL And seriously....they gave her their trash?? I understand needing the cup holders because I am an unsweet tea from McDonalds addict....but ummm we throw our own trash out, lol

  4. I am always surprised at how rude people can be!!! Seriously, I'm the nice gal that chats the employees up, too.

    Now I'm craving ice cream! Ha ha! :)