Monday, February 25, 2013

All we did was EAT and SHOP this weekend...

Unless you have been living under a rock OR you are not friends with me on facebook or a follower of this blog then you know TODAY is Day 1 of my Diet Bet. Link here.

To prepare for competition, my family ate all kinds of crap this weekend. Beware this is a long post because we did A LOT this weekend.

Exhibit A:
Friday night dinner via White Castle
Who eats at white castle when they are not drunk or because it's the only thing open? We do. I love some chicken ring sandwiches and BIG RED. Do I need to convince you anymore?

Kendall approved.

Chris will kill me for posting picture of all our empty boxes. Ha!

Next up we went to measure furniture we are planning to purchase. We looked at some other pieces too. Kendall liked this one - ha!
We closed down the store and decided to come back the next day because we were all cranky.

Saturday, I busted out some crepe paper and a princess floor puzzle to "layout" our new furniture. Very effective visualization tool, my friends!

Shortly afterwards we went to go buy and order our new furniture. I am so excited. Now I need to start shopping wall decor ideas!

Exhibit B:
Steak & Shake. Did you know kids eat free on Saturdays and Sundays? Kendall is at that stage where she doesn't really need a kids meal because she eats off our plates BUT if it's free... why yes dear, order what you would like!

Pit Stop #3 Sport Store. Coach Ryan needed some baseball pants. I took this picture of Chris and mini Chris pacing through the store. She loves her daddy!

After nap time, my girl and I headed to the one and only Target. Kendall picked out a $1 spot hat and we shopped our little hearts out. Am I the only one who buys all her household items at Target? I also get 5% off using my Target debit!

Saturday night we dined in and had homemade TACOS. I cannot believe I am posting this picture, but I've done it before. Here was one of my official weigh in photos for our diet bet. Chris and I both weighed in Saturday night. I know you are lighter in the morning BUT I feel like after a full day of food that should be my true weight. It was not pretty.

SUNDAY FUNDAY - I made breakfast for my loves and we stayed in our pjs until 1! Ha! Kendall took her nap in her Princess dress. I love this photo after she woke up. I hope she always wants to snuggle check-to-cheek after she wakes up!

Next on our agenda, Chris had to crawl up under the house to reroute our cable wires. I LOVE having a handyman. I think it's so hot when my husband can do things around the house or fix my car.

Here is the new location. Our house has an odd layout. I HATE that our main full bathroom is basically in the living room. It was almost a dealbreaker for me! But this was a foreclosure and we purchased this home as an investment. ANYWAY - this wall is basically our "hallway" because we have a split floor plan and I couldn't really decorate this awkward wall anyway so we put our tv here.

Thoughts on what I could hand above the tv?

Moving on... we had to go to Lowes (shopping again!) and we ended up taking our fat butts to Chili's for dinner. I LOVE their chips and salsa!

After BINGE eating all weekend I felt like I needed to get a workout in! I walked most, jogged a few minutes, and burned 150 calories while reading for school. Multitasking! Of course, I cancelled that out when I ate a brownie. Can't win them all!

I don't usually let Kendall watch cartoons so late but I wanted to clean up the kitchen and prep our snacks and meals for Day 1, Chris and I giggled at her lounging in her chair. Love her so BIG!

How was your weekend? Do any shopping? You can still join our diet bet if you want in on the fun and $570 pot!


  1. Love shopping filled weekends!! :) trust mr your before pic is not bad! I am waiting to post mine till I have an after pic! Haha

  2. I was soooo hungry all day from my binge eating filled weekend!!! aghhhh. I need some snack ideas. and dont try to trick me either I will my fitness pal that stuff! LOL

  3. Steak and Shake and Target...doesn't get much better than that!! You look adorable in that pic! I think some type of hanging with a word like "Believe" or something about family would look good above the TV. I actually saw some cute stuff at Cracker Barrel today but check Hobby Lobby if y'all have one. Can never go wrong at Hobb Lobby!