Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have celebrated Valentine's Day all week in our house!

Tuesday night I tried this recipe I found online for Red Velvet Milkshakes.

Kendall approved and shortly after this we had a shirt change due to spillage.
Wednesday I decided to celebrate with my littlest Valentine mommy/daughter date style. My husband was "prepping" cleansing for his Thursday morning procedure so I felt it best Kendall and I steer clear of our house for as long as possible.

We hit up Fazoli's (it's not fast food right?) and the Dollar Tree. If you've read my blog or know me in real life, then you know the love I have for the dollar tree. K-dawg picked out 3 BALLOONS and a bag of chocolate lips.

When we got home Kendall received her 1st V-day card in the mail. I love how she is reading it so seriously. 

And onto Feb. 14th. Kendall celebrated at school with all her buddies AND mommy/daddy spent the morning at Endoscopy and then came home and took a big ole nap!

If I'm going to grow old with someone I'm glad it's you C-Ryan!

We did go out to dinner as a family and with my mom and sister. I'm pretty sure we were the only party over 2 people at the restaurant. We be crazy like that. 
The hubs and I might celebrate this weekend with a movie and 50% V-day box of chocolates. 

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  1. Hope everything went well for Coach! Our weekend looks the same except for the chocolates. Our plan was to watch our movie last night. We got home a little after nine and after getting the kiddo to bed and the garbage taken out Mr. You Betcha asked me if I was ready for bed. NOT in a Bow Chicka Wow Wow kinda way. He has the man cold and I have been flat out beat all week! We will see how many attempts it takes to get the whole entire movie watched : )