Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Thank you all for cheering me up yesterday! I really do read every single comment and you all always make me smile. After I picked Kendall up we came home and made mini red velvet milkshakes and brownies. I know you shouldn't eat your feelings, but sometimes a big chocolate brownie really does lighten your mood!

Moving on...

I'm not catholic but I am going to give something up for Lent. Fast Food and the Coca Colas! I am queen of maintaining my weight but it's time to switch things up! I'm going to the beach in June people! And clearly my diet is not helping drop the scale.

So yesterday I enjoyed a huge coke and value meal from McDonald's and then made brownies to jump start my 40 days of cleanliness.

It's going to be tough, really tough. I crave cokes. I rarely drink more than one every two days BUT they have got to go! Same with fast food... I usually order kids meals BUT they have got to go!

Are you giving up anything for Lent???


  1. being the horrible Catholic I am, I probably won't give up anything. instead I thought about trying to motivate myself by doing some sort of exercise each day.
    I have cut out pop for my biggest loser challenge and it feels pretty good! i dont know why i ever started drinking it again after i had Marissa bc i stopped the day i found out i was pregnant.
    good luck :)

  2. I gave up Dr. Pepper (not for Lent for the wedding) & it sucks. But after the first few days it's not so bad. But at first I thought I was dying. Also, red velvet milkshakes!?

  3. I'm also not catholic but I am NOT going to drink McCafes for the next 40 days! I will allow myself to have coffee at home, which is FAR less calories : )

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  5. I am giving up games on my phone and computer! Not facebook entirely but I find myself on my phone ALL.THE.TIME. playing Hay Day and Candy Crush instead of spending time with my hubby!

  6. I'm giving up carp in my house like Jeremy's old high school clothes LOL

  7. Carbs and cheese. Lawd help me, Day one was rough!

  8. I'm giving up sugar. Straight up. No candy, pop, cookies, cake. Heaven help me! This is going to be rough. I already failed yesterday and had a doughnut... and then got serious heartburn. Karma I suppose. Good luck!

  9. I've already had to give up plenty of things (wine, sushi, etc.) for the past 32 weeks (& counting) so I don't feel like giving up on anything else, haha. Good luck to you though!