Monday, February 18, 2013

Living Room Shopping Weekend

Want to know what I love most about getting a tax refund? Buying stuff for my house that we would not normally purchase!

You can read more details on my home decor blog HERE but we are thinking about buying this set below in a dark brown faux leather. 

 Kendall and I joined my parents for breakfast Saturday morning. :) I don't remember my mom taking this picture, but I thought it was adorable. And like I am really reading the menu... you know I ordered the Momma's Pancake Platter. What else would I order?

Oh and we bought a rug for our living room to go with our new furniture. :)


  1. Yay for new furniture! We have ALWAYS used our tax refund to pay off either a car loan or student loans, this year, if we get a refund, we are spending it on new flooring in the dining room and kitchen -- can't wait! And today we went out and spent way too much money on new beds and matresses for the boys -- 4 weeks til those get here but can't wait!

  2. Love getting new furniture!! Gotta love tax refunds!